DEXIMA supplies the construction industry with specialized additives, developed by world renowned manufacturers, with outstanding lines of modified and special cellulose ethers for the mortar and adhesive industry, gypsum setting retardants (GPR-Z-01), conventional polymeric redispersible resins (RDP-S-501) and hydrophobic (RDP-HR-01), polycarboxylate superplasticizers (PCP-J-96), densified microsilica (85D / 92D), nanosilica in aqueous dispersion (Dx-DNS), technical grade sodium tripolyphosphate, as well as a wide range of aluminous cements.


As representatives in Chile of LOTTE FINE CHEMICAL, we commercialize the special cellulose ethers line for the construction industry, which provide excellent technical properties, such as thickening effect, water retention, lubrication, pH control, etc.


We also represent the Polish company GÓRKA in the market, commercializing different varieties of aluminous cements for use in mortars, concretes and refractories.


We also represent LEVIAT, a world leader in connection, fastening, lifting and anchoring technology for the construction industry. LEVIAT groups different trusted brands such as Ancon, HALFEN, Plaka and Meadow Burke.

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