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About us

Since 1976, DEXIMA has specialized in providing our customers with specific solutions through a personalized and guaranteed sales service, as well as logistical and technical assistance.

Our business is based on the definition of excellence for the sourcing, development, acquisition and logistics of raw materials, parts and components required by different industries.

For more than 40 years DEXIMA has developed favorable logistics and financing, structured according to the needs of each customer, positioning our company as a service provider of the highest reliability among renowned multinational companies.

Supply services for parts and raw materials

You are kindly invited to send us your inquiries. With great pleasure we will submit suitable solutions to your needs.

Development and supply of raw

materials from all over the world

Logistics adjusted

to customer needs

Access to a wide network of providers

developed in more than 40 years

Personalized, confidential,

and dynamic support