We market mainly fertilizers for direct application on the soil and also via foliar application, the latter is a new generation product to balance the right nutrition of the plants.

Vietnam Apatite – Phosphorus Joint Stock Company

Vietnam Apatite - Phosphorus Joint Stock Company was founded in 2014 and is specialized in the production of yellow phosphorus with a capacity of 20,000 tons per year in Lao Cai Province. Vietnam Apatite - Phosphorus JSC has a stable supply source for the raw materials. In addition to excellent equipment and professional production methods, the manufacturer offers high quality products at reasonable prices to meet customers' needs.

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SCL Italia SpA

SCL Italia SpA is the founder of Larderello Group and commenced its operation almost 2 centuries ago in the site where Francesco de Larderel established the first industrial plant for the production of borax. SCL is the leading producer of specialty borates active in a number of markets ranging from nuclear to agriculture.

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